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How do you keep mold from spreading?

Set up mold containment. When mold is in your home it is important to keep it form spreading. SERVPRO of St. George uses containment while removing mold from th... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in Washington, Utah Home

Moisture buildup from water heater malfunction. The water heater in this Washington, Utah home started leaking without the knowledge of the homeowners. The leak... READ MORE

Finding the source causing the mold growth

SERVPRO's thermal cameras can detect where the source of water is coming from to help eliminate the growth of the mold. The pictures show cooler areas in the ho... READ MORE

SERVPRO of St. George Mold Remediation Specialist

Mold Remediation is an important part of the health of a home. Mold is unsightly in a home and some are allergic to the spores and mycotoxins they release. SERV... READ MORE

Why should I turn off my water when I go on vacation?

Mold problems while on vacation. St. George is known for its "Snow Bird" community who only come south when the snow starts to hit the northern Utah. But even w... READ MORE

Double Damage from Broken Pipe in St. George, Utah

This home had mold and water damage inside. When a pipe broke inside this St. George home it flooded the room from the ceiling. The water had sat for too long a... READ MORE