Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

What is content cleaning?

Content cleaning is a term used by the insurance and restoration industry. There are two types of cleaning, structure cleaning and content. Structure cleaning i... READ MORE

Water cleanup in a commercial facility

This facility had an extensive amount of water damage. Frozen pipes were the culprit for this municipal office building having been flooded. When a large commer... READ MORE

Flooded house in Washington, UT

This flooded vacation house was the result of a broken toilet line. Because nobody was at home water leaked for a few days until neighbors noticed water on the ... READ MORE

Flooded house in Kanab, UT

A frozen pipe breaking in the ceiling caused this flood. Frozen pipes can cause a lot of problems, especially in Southern Utah where it doesn't freeze often. Th... READ MORE

Leaking Roof in Leeds, UT

Faulty construction leads to roof leak. Because of improperly laid capstones on the roof of this Leeds home the rain water leaked inside the house. The water ra... READ MORE

Flooded house in Washington, UT

Saving wood floors after supply line break. SERVPRO of St. George was called to help with this damaged home after a faulty dishwasher caused this water damage. ... READ MORE