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What should I look for in a fire restoration company

10/17/2022 (Permalink)

Roof Damaged By Fire Fire damage is often overwhelming in its scope and severity, leaving you wondering how you will ever be able to get back on your feet again.

What Characteristics Should I Look For In A Fire Restoration Company?

We at SERVPRO of St. George know what it's like to lose a building due to fire. That's why we make sure our team is trained and equipped with the right tools to get the job done right the first time so you can get back to normal as soon as possible!

Why is there a need for fire restoration?

A fire can be a devastating event for any owner, and they may feel overwhelmed with the process of getting their home or business in St. George, UT, back to normal. Fire damage is often overwhelming in its scope and severity, leaving you wondering how you will ever be able to get back on your feet again. At times like these, it's good to know that there are professionals who specialize in dealing with such disasters who can help you during this difficult process.

What is so special about SERVPRO of St. George?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your property has been damaged by fire, SERVPRO of St. George can help. We are certified fire damage restoration specialists and have years of experience restoring properties after they’ve been affected by fire. Our team knows how to handle everything from smoke and water damage to ash removal and much more. When it comes to restoring your home after a fire, we have the expertise that you need when looking for a trustworthy partner who understands exactly what needs to be done in order to get your space back into livable condition.

We understand that any type of structural damage can be stressful for homeowners—so let us take care of it! Call us today at (435) 656-9061 or inquire online so we can begin working on your property now!

When a building suffers a fire, we make sure the restoration is done right the first time.

When it comes to fire restoration, there are lots of things to consider. Whether your home or building has been damaged by a fire, water damage, or smoke damage we have the right equipment and training to do the job correctly. With our experience in this field, we know what to expect from a restoration project and how best to approach it. We also understand that every job is different and requires a unique solution tailored to the specific needs of each customer. For us, everything starts with attitude – an attitude that says, “No problem!”

As you can see, the fire restoration process is a long and complicated one. But SERVPRO of St. George will be there every step of the way to make sure that your home or business is restored properly and safely. We know it’s not easy being a homeowner or a small business owner, so we want to give you peace of mind when tragedy strikes. Our team is here to help get your life back on track as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have extensive experience in this field and want nothing more than for our customers to be happy with the work we do for them!

When Should Pipe Break Damage Mitigation Start?

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial cleanup restoration Commercial cleanup restoration

Take The Following Mitigation Measures When A Pipe Breaks

Restoration professionals use the term “mitigation” to describe measures that limit the severity of damage. Bursting pipes can release hundreds or thousands of gallons of water into a commercial structure in Hurricane, UT

As Soon As a Break Is Evident
A building manager or owner should turn off the main water supply to stem the flow out of a broken pipe pouring or spraying water. Once this step has been taken, it may be possible to pursue any of the following measures:

  • Collect water flow in containers
  • Mop up standing water
  • Extract water with a wet vacuum

Reducing the amount of water from bursting pipes that sinks into building materials and contents may limit the severity of damage. In general, clean water only requires timely extraction and drying.

Once the Flow Stops
Shutting off the water supply and gathering up water are both stopgaps. Once a licensed plumber arrives to fix broken pipe and restoration professionals assess and document damage, a building owner can have water pumped out and get the drying process underway within hours.

Over the Next 24 Hours
The primary goals of a property owner during the day after water damage occur involve removing standing water and drying any portion of a structure exposed to water damage. Restoration experts can recommend the best way to dry out a building with fans, industrial air movers, or dehumidifiers.
Bursting pipes are a common cause of property insurance claims. Water damage may cost as much as $10,000 to fix, depending on contamination level and whether building materials have been ruined and require replacement. Maintaining plumbing and arranging for timely mitigation of water damage are the best ways to keep water damage cleanup costs low at a commercial building in Hurricane, UT.

Steps to Take After a Commercial Fire

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Truck from a restoration company We are trained in fire damage restoration. Our team knows exactly how to cleanup soot, smoke odor and debris while restoring your property. Call us!

After A Commercial Fire, What Should You Do?

If there is a fire at your business in La Verkin, UT, you may be wondering what you should do. Although you should leave most of the work to fire restoration professionals, there are some things you can do right away to prevent future damage and protect your space.

1. Call Your Insurance Company

If you have fire insurance, one of your first steps should be to call the insurance company and tell them about the fire. This will help get the ball rolling for filing a claim, and the company can guide you as to what you need to do to help with compensation.

2. Call a Professional Fire Restoration Company

The damage from a fire is usually extensive, and a fire restoration company knows exactly what to do to minimize damage, clean up debris and begin the restoration process such as smoke cleaning and replacing structural components.

3. Document the Damage

In order to get fair compensation from the insurance company, you need to document your losses. Take pictures of the damage but do not touch any of the damaged items. Make sure you keep receipts of any purchases related to clean up, repairs and restoration and keep track of estimated loss of business income as a result of the fire.

4. Board Up the Exterior

Unfortunately, some people use other's misfortune for their gain. If the fire caused damage to exterior structures, this makes it easier for thieves and vandals to enter. Make sure you board up doors, windows and the roof. You may also want to hire private security to patrol the building until the restoration process is complete.

It can be confusing after a fire. However, the sooner you take steps to protect your business, the less overall damage will occur. Hire fire restoration services right away and protect your business the best ways possible.

A Fire Also Means Dealing With Water Damage

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse fire inside Once the flames are extinguished, the cleanup process will require addressing damage from both the fire and water.

Water Damage From A Fire

A fire in your Ivins, UT, business means much more than just dealing with fire damage. Considering that a typical fire hose is capable of releasing 500 gallons of water per minute, even a small fire means a business is being drenched by thousands of gallons of water.

Water Damage After a Fire

Once the flames are extinguished, the cleanup process will require addressing damage from both the fire and water. A thorough inspection of the damage will be needed. Typically, a business may expect to have to address the following areas:

  • Mold: When there is water, there is an increased risk of mold growth. Mold starts forming within 24 hours.
  • Wood: From floors to furniture, wood quickly absorbs moisture. Any signs of buckling and warping indicate a replacement will be needed.
  • Drywall: It is likely that the walls took the brunt of the water, which means replacing drywall. While some may be salvageable, it may also be a prime location for mold to grow.
  • Electronics: Soot, smoke and water have negative effects on electronics. Depending on the damage, these items will likely need to be replaced.

Get Expert Help

After a fire, the situation may easily seem chaotic. Luckily, a professional fire damage restoration will have the expertise to address both types of damage. A certified service provider will have highly trained professionals and specialized equipment to eradicate mold growth, repair damage from the fire and water and get your property back up and running quickly. Along with the peace of mind of having a one-stop shop, established mediation companies also are well-versed in the insurance world and work to help ensure the claim process goes smoothly.

Dealing with the aftermath of a business fire doesn't just involve fire damage. It also comes with water issues. Getting professional help for the cleanup makes it easier and faster to get back on track and have both issues resolved.

5 Types of Leaks That Are Causing Your Water Bill To Spike

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe A water leak from a pipe, a running toilet, or a cracked irrigation line can drive up your water bills.

5 Types Of Leaks That Are Increasing Your Water Bill

You've noticed that your water bill, which is usually pretty stable, has suddenly spiked and keeps climbing. You haven’t hired a ton of new employees, and you haven't done anything different with the irrigation schedule, so what gives? Here are five ways a water leak could be causing a spike in your water bill.

1. Outdated Fixtures

If you bought an older building and didn't replace the toilets or faucets, one of these could be the problem. Older fixtures are less efficient and usually mean older pipes, so a sudden climb in your water bill could mean that the pipes are blocked or that there is a water leak.

2. Problematic Irrigation

An irrigation system is a time-saver, but it can be costly when it breaks. Check for a pipe break or a faucet head that is cracked. If your system is buried, look for unusually soggy patches of ground.

3. Running Toilets

A running toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water and drive your bill sky high. It's easy to check to see if a toilet is running and is often a pretty easy fix. However, if you have a running toilet that is outdated and the hardware store fix didn't make a difference, you may benefit from calling a water damage specialist to investigate whether a pipe break or a leak is contributing to the problem.

4. Leaky Faucets

Similar to running toilets, a leaky faucet can cost you a lot of money. Even little drips add up and often continue to get worse until the actual faucet is fixed.

5. Cracked Lateral Line

The costliest possibility is that there is a cracked lateral line (the line that feeds water into your business). That means the water is leaking out before it gets to you. If you're suspicious that this is the problem, contact a professional for an assessment.

A water leak from a pipe, a running toilet, or a cracked irrigation line can drive up your water bills. When you have unexplained water costs, investigate promptly to save your business money and resources.

What Should Adjusters and Clients Look For In a Restoration Service?

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

Specialists are cleaning insulation after water damage in a home. Insurance agents and adjusters can access claim information and estimates online at any time through the SERVPRO Claims Information Center.

What Should Clients And Adjusters Look For In A Restoration Company?

When it comes to damage restoration, an insurance adjuster and client share many interests. Both want to have mitigation and restoration work done well at a reasonable cost. Insurance representatives and property owners should look for the following features when comparing restoration services in Ivins, UT.

Accurate Estimates

An estimate gives clients and insurers a clearer sense of the total amount of an insurance claim. This calculation should account for several aspects of a job:

  • The type and extent of damage
  • Necessary equipment and labor
  • Mitigation and restoration costs

A company that provides both mitigation and restoration services may provide a more accurate initial estimate. An insurance adjuster is likely to prefer a single estimate that accounts for the entire process rather than two estimates from different companies that may or may not work together.

Ease of Access

Insurance agents and adjusters can access claim information and estimates online at any time through the SERVPRO Claims Information Center. This service provides a variety of information:

  • Claim information
  • Estimates
  • Comparison data

Insurance representatives can sign on to review updated information about a job. This electronic claims service also enables insurers to compare national, regional, state, county or local data on claims, losses and jobs.

Industry-Leading Methods

Insurance representatives and clients can both appreciate a service that uses cutting-edge methods. Certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration indicates that a company adheres to established industry-wide best practices. This credential often means that a service can complete a job in less time and often with a lower claim.

An insurance adjuster is more likely to settle a claim based on an accurate estimate from a company capable of completing the job. The availability of claim information can make this process faster and more straightforward. An insurer or client can access all of these features through a SERVPRO location in Ivins, UT.

3 Reasons Insurers Trust Preferred Vendors

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

Truck from a restoration company In order to obtain referrals for insurance claims, a SERVPRO franchise must meet internal corporate standards

Insurers Trust Preferred Vendors For Three Reasons

Insurance companies tend to work with mitigation and restoration services that have a track record of successfully completing jobs. An insurance agent will be more likely to approve a claim supported by an accurate estimate and easy access to important information. Here are three reasons why insurers trust Preferred Vendors.

1. Rigorous Operational Standards

In order to obtain referrals for insurance claims, a SERVPRO franchise must meet internal corporate standards. The Participation Agreement sets forth 21 guidelines for franchises. Locations in the vendor program must perform background checks, maintain insurance and meet other requirements necessary for achieving the highest service standards.

2. Accurate and Reasonable Estimates

Preferred Vendors also tend to provide more accurate estimates. Increased accuracy may be possible through pretesting or a careful on-site inspection. A franchise uploads information to an internal database. An insurance agent or adjuster can then sign onto an electronic claims service to access estimates and other information at any time. The accuracy and availability of this information sets the best mitigation and restoration firms apart.

3. Ability To Meet or Exceed Expectations

Leading vendors tend to have a history of successful jobs. Even if a franchise location is new, the owner and employees should have IICRC certification and training that enables them to effectively perform mitigation and restoration procedures. Agents and adjusters can assess the performance of any location with information available on the Claims Information Center. In addition to estimates and details on individual claims, this service also makes it easy to compare factors such as job file costs and response times.

All of these factors distinguish Preferred Vendors from other options in St. George, UT. An insurance agent or client should make sure that a local SERVPRO franchise participates in the vendor program. These credentials make it more likely than an insurance claim will be processed and settled in a timely manner.

Steps of the Fire Restoration Process

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Building damaged by fire If your business suffers any fire damage, SERVPRO can fix you, call us!

The Fire Restoration Process Is Broken Down Into Several Steps.

When a fire breaks out at your place of business, your to-do list gets long pretty quickly. You have to arrange for an insurance adjuster to survey the fire damage, and you have to arrange to have someone clean up not just the debris the fire left behind but also the smoke smell and the water used to put out the fire. Make the process easier on yourself by choosing one company that specializes in both water and fire mitigation. The specialists at this company in St. George, UT, can take you from assessment all the way to restoration.

1. Assess the Damage

The first thing the remediation specialists will do is determine the extent of the damage to your property. Only then can they formulate a plan of action for getting the smoke, water and fire damage fixed as quickly as possible.

2. Secure the Building

It is likely that firefighters had to knock out windows, walls or part of the roof for ventilation purposes when they were fighting the fire. Mitigation technicians start by boarding up the compromised points to discourage looters and prevent more problems.

3. Extract the Water

To keep the building from molding, water has to be extracted next. Professionals remove excess water and dry the building out.

4. Remove the Soot

A big part of the fire mitigation process is cleaning up the soot and the smell of smoke that permeates the building. After the soot is gone, salvageable items can be restored, and the rest of the area can be cleaned.

5. Finish the Job

Your building isn’t finished until you can use it again. Final touches like a fresh coat of paint and new flooring make the space workable once more.

If your business in St. George, UT, sustains fire damage, the cleanup process may be overwhelming. By letting one company handle the fire, smoke and water cleanup all at once, you can complete the process more quickly.

Understanding Ice Dams

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Roof with ice dams in winter time. Avoid ice dams.

The aesthetic pleasure of sparkling snow and crystal ice can bring its share of challenges during a Hurricane, UT, winter. Unfortunately, the beautiful appearance of icicles on your roof may be a sign of wintery damage that if left alone could lead to a hefty spring cleaning of black mold.

What Is an Ice Dam?

As warm interior temperatures rise too high areas of the roof, snow can begin to melt and create a stream of meltwater to the lower roof and gutters. The lower level of the roof and the gutters that hang off the side of the building have little access to the warm air circulation inside. Thus, a dam can be created as the meltwater hits these frozen spaces and has nowhere to divert. There are a few common signs that a dam may be forming:

  • Large amounts of snow on the roof
  • Significant ice blockade on the edges of the roof, gutters, or soffits
  • Icicles
  • Water damage appearing on interior ceilings or walls

What Issues May Arise?

When a blockade of ice begins forming on the edges of the roof, melting snow has nowhere to drain. The warmer temperatures of the higher levels of the roof create meltwater that ends up draining into the interior structure of the building. Insulation, ceilings, and interior walls are often impacted, potentially creating water damage that can lead to mold growth.

Can It Be Prevented?

Prevention of an ice dam requires certain measures:

  • Adding insulation to ensure heat is kept away from the roof
  • Verifying there is proper ventilation in roof soffits and vents
  • Closing areas that may leak warm air upwards

Furthermore, maintaining clear gutters is vital to their ability to keep drainage flowing away from the roof and interior. If ice has begun forming on the edges of the building, heat tape can be used to melt it off.

Snow and ice may be inevitable in a Hurricane, UT, winter, but they needn’t be destructive. Prevent an ice dam in the winter to avoid a mold cleanup in the spring!

The Difference Between Storm Damage and Flood Damage

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

Floodwaters enter a home, wet floor. Concept of storm damage Storm caused damaged floor in a Washington, UT home.

Flood Damage vs Storm Damage

 The classification of damage type when calamity strikes your business in Washington, UT, makes a difference to your business insurer. Read on for the discrete definitions of flood damage and storm damage and their respective ramifications. Flood Damage

The federal government’s emergency management agency (FEMA) defines, for legal purposes, what constitutes flooding. Though FEMA does not offer assistance to businesses, insurance companies use this definition in processing claims. Important distinctions include:

  • Flood damage is officially defined as a temporary condition in which there exists an inundation of water or mud that covers two or more acres or properties on land that is normally dry.
  • If the inundation is the result of rising floodwaters from the ground up, the claim would be to the flood insurance policy.
  • Business, homeowners and renters insurance generally covers damage from a storm deluge or hurricane that doesn’t meet FEMA’s criteria for flooding.

Storm Damage

Coverage for storm damage is generally more broadly applicable than other types of insurance. Even so, certain conditions apply for a storm claim versus a flood claim.

  • If inundation occurs because of damage to the building’s roof or windows and wind-driven rain infiltrates, the property insurance will typically cover the damage.
  • Ice, snow and hail damage that results in water inside the building is typically covered under the property insurance policy.
  • Damage from broken pipes, a leaking roof, accidental sprinkler discharge or water from extinguishing a fire are typically covered in a business property policy as opposed to a flood policy.
  • Aside from damage as the result of water or mudflow, destruction from other natural events such as lightning, wind and wildfires can cover losses including interruptions to business or the supply chain that supports it.

Flood damage is more strictly defined than other types of losses. Understanding your exposure to loss and planning for it is an important business decision no matter the location of your enterprise.

What If Your Business Receives Only Smoke Damage From a Fire?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Fire damage in Mesquite, UT.

What If Your Business Receives Only Smoke Damage From a Fire?

A surprisingly small fire can produce a great volume of smoke. If the fire is smoldering, it won’t get hot enough to fully burn material, creating much more smoke damage. Smoke and soot damage can also come from fires off-property.
Is smoke cleaning covered by commercial insurance if there was no fire damage? The answer is always yes – as long as it exceeds your deductible and the fire was from a cause included in your coverage. However, it normally requires specialized techniques and chemicals to bring your building back to code.

Does Soot Damage Always Requires Expert Restoration?
Soot is very oily and sticks to everything it touches. Spraying it with regular cleaners creates a toxic, flowing disaster. Top restoration companies use a variety of techniques for high-quality smoke cleaning, including:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • Immersion cleaning

In the past, you could often clean soot damage yourself with tri-sodium phosphate, but it was somewhat dangerous to use and has been largely made unavailable to the public. Modern TSP is actually a substitute in the United States and can’t cut through the oil buildup. Restoration companies use commercial solvents to strip soot and film from affected surfaces.

Can Experts Save Your Property Instead of Replacing It?
Fabrics and decorations may not be easily replaceable. Commercial solvents are gentler on items when used correctly and are also eco-friendly. Electronics are often very hard hit by soot, but they also can be saved with high-tech electronics cleanup techniques.

What About That Odor?
Building fires really stink. They tend to smolder and the materials usually have toxic chemicals that create a disgusting, acrid stench. Removing the smoke odor is critical for a business. No customer (or employee) is going to feel safe if they smell the smoke residue inside your building.
Professional smoke experts have deodorants made for the fire mitigation industry that will eliminate any lingering odor after the cleaning process is done.
Once the smoke cleaning process is finished, your building in Mesquite, UT, will look – and smell – inviting and safe. SERVPRO is Here to Help.

How to Prepare for a Storm

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

wet floor, flooded floor, standing water on the floor. Concept of flood damage Flood damage in Central, UT.

Three Tips For Preparing For Storm and Water Damage

Nature has a way of showing who’s really in charge. Sometimes, she throws massive hurricanes that nobody can control. Other times, she pushes ocean water inland, leaving a wake of destruction. Whatever the case, there are a few things you could do to make sure your business lives through a floodwater ordeal.
Here are the top 3 tips for preparing for storm and water damage:

  1. Board up the building
  2. Unplug appliances
  3. Take an inventory

Secure the Building

Board up the windows, vents and other openings as the first thing you do when the hurricane season starts. After that, have all the weak brunches, and trees cut off to avoid structural damage. The exterior doors should also be hurricane-proof by making sure they have at least three hinges and an inch-long deadbolt.

Unplug Appliances

There’s no doubt water and electricity make a dangerous combo, especially when dealing with a flooded building. For that reason, be sure to switch off the power at the main circuit breaker then go ahead and unplug all the equipment. Also, remove all electronics from the floor to avoid getting into contact with water. However, you should backup all records on the internet or portable drive just in case the flood water gets into the computers.

Take an Inventory of all Your Stuff

It is important to document everything that stays on the business premises during the storm. That includes art, furniture, equipment and materials. It would also help if you added video evidence along with a written document before storing them in the cloud as they will be your evidence. Unfortunately, compensation takes a while, so you might want to play safe by securing your valuable equipment before the storm.
As a business owner in Central, UT, don’t take your chances with the elements. Flood water can drown your business in debt or even be the end of it. So, it’s wise to take the necessary precautions while you can.

Why Hire A Fire Restoration Company

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

air mover, dehumidifier, drying equipment, drywall removal. Concept of fire restoration services Restoration after a fire loss in St. George.

Are you dealing with fire and smoke damage in your home or commercial property? Not sure what to do about fire damage, smoke damage or soot damage removal? Restoration after a fire in home or fire in business can be handled by a residential or commercial fire damage company.

Unfortunately, many homes and businesses are faced with unexpected events that result from fire and smoke. Any business or homeowner that finds that their property has experienced smoke damage, soot damage, or fire damage, should call a restoration company immediately.

Make That Call

First, you will need professional help right away. Fire cleanup and restoration professionals can start work on getting your business or home back the way it was. Call a restoration company as soon as possible at their emergency contact number so they can board up any missing windows and walls and other exposed areas and begin the fire cleanup process.


In order for fire damage technicians to completely help you clean up soot damage, smoke damage and get rid of smoke smell and recover from a fire in home or fire in business, fire damage restoration experts will create a specific plan to ensure all of the residues are immediately eliminated from your home or business.

Before starting to board up the site, fire damage technicians will conduct an initial evaluation of the property and document their findings. They will then develop their plan to board up the exposed areas and start the fire cleanup, which will include soot damage and smoke smell removal. Well-trained technicians in disaster restoration and fire cleanup services have great expertise in performing property damage assessments.

General Liability Insurance and Mold Issues

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Liability insurance form and dollars on the table. To understand the extent of your coverage, you should speak with your insurance provider

Mold is a fungus that exists just about everywhere. If you own a building in Enterprise, UT, more than likely it contains trace levels of many different types of mold. Usually, this isn't a problem, but when moisture and warmth come into play, the mold can grow into unsightly colonies. Mold can damage materials if left for too long, and it can even cause health effects for certain people. Mold insurance claims could be brought against your company for both property damage and for liability issues. To understand the extent of your coverage, you should speak with your insurance provider.

General Liability and Mold

Your commercial insurance covers you for many situations related to a mold claim. If you are sued, your insurance company should come to your defense. It might even provide some level of reimbursement if you are hit with an adverse judgment. However, coverage against mold insurance claims is not absolute, and could be nullified under certain conditions:

  • Neglect
  • Malice
  • Incompetence

In other words, you must do what is reasonable to address mold in your buildings in a timely manner. Also, if complaints about mold have been ignored, your insurance company could have a reduced responsibility to defend you against lawsuits.

Mold Remediation
While mold can be difficult for an ordinary cleaning company, a mold mitigation franchise is experienced in treating mold outbreaks. The workers have the certifications and the equipment needed to restore a building to its pre-mold state. They do this by limiting the spread of microscopic mold spores, killing the fungus with powerful cleaning agents, vacuuming up the mold residue and disinfecting the impacted surfaces. A professional mold restoration treats all aspects of a mold outbreak and makes sure that another fungal outbreak will not occur. It reduces the chance of any health effects affecting your tenants, and it also reduces mold insurance claims for liability matters.

Essential Information Regarding Smoke Damaged Electronics

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Background of an electronic damaged by fire with the LOGO of SERVPRO How does smoke damage electronics

Any electrical fire has the potential to cause a severe office disruption. Besides structural damage requiring the services of a commercial fire restoration provider, electronic equipment needs to be cleaned before it can once again be used. Here are some things you should know regarding how to handle digital equipment impacted by smoke’s impact.

Types of Smoke Damage To Electronics

Electronic equipment suffers from smoke in three ways:

  1. When smoke gets inside, it can leave a black film that acts as insulation. Over time, this buildup can trigger overheating.
  2. Smoke also has the ability to create a magnetic charge. The resulting shocks can cause serious malfunctions.
  3. Soot generated by an electrical fire is highly acidic. The inevitable corrosion shortens the lifespan of office machinery.

Never operate computers, printers, or other devices reliant upon electricity that have been exposed to smoke until proper cleaning has been administered.

Tips for Dealing With Smoke Damage To Electronics
Prepare for a computer cleanup in La Verkin, UT, by shutting down and unplugging every terminal. This preventive measure can help prevent short circuits from causing permanent damage. Next, remove your system’s memory storage. Moving data away from your mainframe means cleaning can take place without the risk of further data loss. Hard drives can typically be accessed via another computer.
Apply protective masking paper to laser printers as a method of minimizing damage caused by smoke. Removing this material is far easier than engaging in a detailed scrubbing. Denatured alcohol should be used to excise any residue that gets inside.
Besides computers and printers, smoke damage can negatively impact tablets, telephones, and more. Employ a cleaning professional to thoroughly rehabilitate your office’s electronics. This decision can save both time and money.
Even the best-maintained buildings remain susceptible to an electrical fire. When one happens, anything that uses electricity may be compromised. Do everything within your power to begin the sanitization process and then hire a specialist to complete the job.

5 Ways To Contain the Flow of a Broken Pipe

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Wet vacuum on a wet carpet Commercial water damage in Enterprise, UT

Measures To Reduce The Extent Of Water Damage

A broken pipe can release hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water into a commercial building. There are a few measures that commercial building owners, managers or occupants who are responsible for structural maintenance can take to reduce the extent of Category One water damage and pipe burst cleanup.

1. Shut Off the Water Supply
Turning off the water is the single most important step that can be taken to slow and eventually stop the flow of water from a broken pipe.

2. Collect Water In Containers
Plastic trash cans with wheels and other containers can be used to reduce the amount of water damage from a supply line leaking. Put a container in place to protect building materials and contents.

3. Mop or Wet Vac Up Water
A mop or wet vac can be used to limit water damage during and after pipe burst cleanup. If water is leaking so quickly that it still accumulates or a broken pipe has been flooding a structure for some time, a pump can be used to extract standing water.

4. Dam Up Water With Towels
Another helpful method involves using towels or other materials to create a dam. Barriers higher than the water level can restrict flow and the extent of water cleanup.

5. Prevent Leaks Between Floors
Water that works its way down from one floor to another automatically degrades in condition. This type of damage can also affect the condition of drywall and other porous building materials and elevate the risk of developing mold.
Turning off the supply of water to a broken pipe and taking measures to restrict the free flow of water may circumvent the need for major pipe burst cleanup at a commercial property in Enterprise, UT. A floating pump, wet vac, mop or other cleaning equipment are useful for lowering water levels and promoting drying.

Fire Sprinklers: What To Know For Your Business

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

sprinkler head, The device provides protection against fire in a room. Select the best fire sprinkler system for your company

Fire Sprinklers: What To Know For Your Business

When selecting a fire sprinkler system for your Washington, UT, business it’s important to know a few things about the systems available in order to select the best fir. From different sprinkler styles, to what to do if they activate, here are some things you may want to know.

1. The Different Types

There are several different types of fire suppression sprinklers, each designed to work in a different way. This means that you should be able to choose a system that works well with your business type, size, and location. Most systems utilize water stored inside a pressurized pipe, but others may use a foam or chemical suppressant instead. Businesses that use a lot of machinery or electronic equipment may decide to use a non-water based system to lessen the water damage risk to these items. A professional can help you choose the best system for your company.

2. How They Work

Contrary to popular belief, most fire sprinkler systems do now drown the entire building in water when they are activated. Most systems either have a melt-able seal or a pressure activated bulb at the end of each sprinkler nozzle. When the temperature reaches a high enough degree the protective seal of the head melts or breaks, depending on the type, and water is released from the nozzle. This means only the area in the at risk area over the fire will activate.

3. What To Do if They Activate

If there is a fire and the sprinkler system activates then it’s best to contact a fire damage restoration service. These professionals can help with both the fire sprinkler cleanup as well as repair any fire damage. With a little time and work they can have your business looking “Like it never even happened.”

When selecting a fire sprinkler system for your company, consider the best style and suppression liquid for your business's type and needs. It’s also important to understand how your chosen system will activate in order to help suppress the fire. Remember, if it does activate, a restoration service can help with any cleanup and repairs once the fire is out.

Proactive Cleaning for Your Commercial Space

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

a graphic that says proactive cleaning Proactive cleaning is a preventative measure for your business.

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need 

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. 

Specialized Training 

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include: 

  • Kitchen/Food Areas 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Schools/Classrooms 
  • Offices 
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Water Fountains 
  • Shelving/Racks 
  • Sales Counters 
  • Carpets and Rugs 
  • Stair Handrails 
  • Elevator Cars 
  • Playground Equipment 
  • Fitness Equipment 

Specialized Products 

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. 

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning 

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of St. George is your trusted leader in cleanup and restoration.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Your Cleanup Needs?

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO worker took a picture with a new SERVPRO sign A SERVPRO franchise should be your first call when you need disaster relief

No one ever expects a major catastrophe to occur in the workplace, but good leaders are always prepared for it. This doesn't mean you can always prevent emergencies from arising. In fact, may incidents strike without warning and can overwhelm your defenses. Thankfully, sound cleanup procedures can overcome event the most widespread damage. A SERVPRO franchise should be your first call when you need disaster relief. This company has the experience, resources and competent business model you want in your corner.

What it Brings to the Table

There are multiple options you can choose from when it comes to hiring a disaster cleanup company in La Verkin, UT. Not all organizations are equal, however, and not all will meet your needs. SERVPRO has the following characteristics that stand out above the rest.

  • The team has certified professionals at all levels.
  • The team has a proven track record of success.
  • The team is committed to responding quickly and providing high-quality service.

An Ideal Model

A SERVPRO franchise is an ideal way to run a business. Not only does the company pride itself in hiring the best technicians in the business, but it also has all the hallmarks of an exemplary professional disaster restoration organization. The team will communicate well with both the client and the insurance company when it's time to file a claim. Importantly, the company also has the backing of the corporate office. If needed, the corporate team can deploy additional resources to the scene, including equipment and technicians.

Always There for You

Because SERVPRO is locally owned, help is never far away if you experience an emergency in the office. The team can be on the ground in your building within a few hours of your call. Crew members will work quickly and efficiently to once again create a comfortable, safe environment where you can work.
You need a trusted partner to clean up after a disaster. Look no further than a SERVPRO franchise.

Common Places to Find Mold in a Commercial Building

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

The inside of a refrigerator covered with mold Refrigerators and freezing equipment have the ability to grow mold

When It Comes to Mold, It's Important Where to Look

Mold only requires oxygen, moisture, and a food source to survive. It’ll thrive in more areas of your Santa Clara, UT, building than you probably realize. Mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours of the introduction of moisture and can quickly take over. So, when it comes to mold, it’s important to know where to look for it. Be sure to regularly inspect:

1. HVAC Systems

An air conditioning system that isn’t working properly can cause high humidity. Getting your HVAC system inspected and maintained regularly will keep it balanced and clean so that airflow is properly maintained, keeping humidity at a minimum.

2. Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigeration and freezing equipment such as refrigerated display cases, ice machines, and walk-in units have the ability to grow mold. Temperatures can fluctuate if the unit is faulty or there’s a power outage. Monitor temperatures of the appliances and clean in and around them regularly, checking for condensation and mold.

3. Break Areas

Break areas, restrooms, and kitchens can be havens for mold growth. Water is being used and will linger on different surfaces. Hot water and food preparation can create steam and condensation. Be proactive by regularly inspecting pipes, drains, and sinks. Also, check inconspicuous areas where water might not dry as quickly.

4. Faucets and Pipes

Regularly inspect faucets and pipes for leaks, condensation or water pooling. Mold can grow on the pipes and faucets themselves, but also on countertops, tiles, grout, and caulk. Also, watch your water bill in case of a pipe leak that you might not notice otherwise (e.g., behind a wall).

5. Drains and Drip Pans

Drains and drip pans sit beneath equipment to deal with water drainage. These are necessary for water damage prevention, but also create the perfect habitat for mold. Empty and clean drip pans often and clean in and around drains.
Taking a proactive approach will lessen the likelihood of a major mold problem occurring. If you discover mold growth in your commercial building, you can be confident that mold remediation professionals will do a thorough job.

Preparing Your Business for a Flood

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

A man holding a piece of wood with the words Contingency Plan It is important to have a contingency plan in place prior to a flood

Flooding of your Hurricane, UT, business can be devastating. However, it is possible to prepare for it. Whether you know several days or mere minutes before a flood hits, there are precautions all businesses can take to minimize damage.

Create an Emergency Plan

It is important to have a contingency plan in place prior to a flood. The plan should include:

  • Evacuation procedures
  • Communication procedures
  • Closing and re-opening policies

Make the plan as detailed as possible, and keep it updated. Ensure that all employees are familiar with the plan. Additionally, it is important to keep emergency supplies in a safe but convenient location. Make sure everyone knows where the supplies are. Include items like flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, non-perishable food and clean water.

Purchase Flood Insurance
Many standard business insurance plans do not cover flooding, so you will need to purchase a separate flood policy. In many cases, there will be a waiting period. This means the coverage will not begin as soon as you purchase the policy. Make sure to buy flood insurance well before you are expecting to use it. Talk with your insurance agent and carefully read all policy documents so you know exactly what is and is not covered.

Make Last-Minute Preparations
In many cases, there will be enough advance warning that you will have time to move furniture and other important items, such as documents and electronics, to higher ground and prevent flood damage. This is also the time to place sandbags in front of doors, vents and other potential water-entry points. Depending on how frequently your area floods, you may want to keep reusable sandbag alternatives (such as inflatable dams) in your emergency supply kit.
With adequate preparation, you may be able to prevent many instances of flooding. However, if your business does suffer storm damage, you may wish to enlist the help of an experienced restoration team to get your business back to normal.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Water Damage Experts

9/28/2019 (Permalink)

A green vehicle If you need water clean up in your building, you need to hire certified experts

Benefits You Can Expect From Certified Technicians

When your building in Santa Clara, UT, floods, you need a water clean up crew that knows what it's doing. Hiring certified water damage experts ensures the quality of service you need to get your building operational again and prevent further damage. Here are several benefits you can expect from certified technicians.


The IICRC certification process involves extensive training for the restoration process. Students learn or fine-tune their skills on a myriad of water damage processes:

  • Decontamination
  • Floor covering repair
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Mold remediation

Once the technicians have finished the courses, they must pass a certification test. This test reveals whether or not they understand the material they've been taught. When you hire certified experts to remedy the problem caused by a broken pipe, you know you are getting knowledgeable specialists.


The training technicians receive during the certification process isn't all just information. They have to show proficiency in applying that information. By the time they are certified, they have logged many hours of hands-on experience to perfect the water clean up skills they are taught. You're not hiring newbies but rather seasoned professionals who know how to fix the problem because they've done it before.


The technicians themselves are not the only ones who need to meet certification standards. In order for the IICRC to certify a remediation company, the company must prove that it is properly insured. Their professional liability insurance covers the work that they do. If they do make a mistake, it won't be something you or your insurance company have to cover. You can be confident that the work will be done well, but if something goes wrong, the job doesn't get more expensive.
If you need water clean up in your building, you need to hire certified experts. They have the necessary training, experience and coverage to ensure the job is done thoroughly.

Duct Cleaning In St. George Utah

9/27/2019 (Permalink)

dirty duct vent If you are in need of duct cleaning call SERVPRO of St. George

There are two types of duct cleaning:

  • Negative pressure
  • Contact cleaning

SERVPRO of St. George performs both of these processes depending on the situation they are dealing with. Negative pressure duct cleaning would be performed in older homes. This is due to brittle duct lines. However SERVPRO of St. George performs contact cleaning on a majority of residential and commercial properties.

Contact cleaning is the process of a roto brush with an extraction unit. During both processes SERVPRO of St. George cleans the registers and return air cover. Then each duct line is disinfected.  Then the final step is evaluating and cleaning up any light dust that might occur.  

If you are in need of duct cleaning in St. George, Washinton, Ivins or Hurricane, call SERVPRO of St. George (435) 656-9061 a trusted leader in the restoration industry.

The Link Between Fire Damage and Water Damage

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire in a Veyo, UT office

A large fire in your Veyo, UT, office building can cause terrible problems. Even smaller or more moderate fires can be costly and destroy valuable materials and affect the structure’s integrity. Emergency crews come on the scene to eliminate the fire, mitigate fire damage and make sure everyone is safe. In the process of putting out the fire, however, additional damage from water can occur.

The Effects of the Fire

The thought of a fire starting in your office would probably be one of your biggest nightmares. This event would have the potential to bring your business to a halt. Consider the possible fire damage in.

  • Structural damage
  • Loss of electronic equipment
  • Ruined furniture, carpets and decor
  • Destroyed documents such as books, files and photographs

Firefighters’ Response

While witnessing a fire in your office can be agonizing, you can rely on the professional skill of fire crews to get things under control. Unfortunately, a fire hose sprays so much water to put out the fire that water damage can occur. This creates a whole new set of issues and may require the services of a professional restoration company. Excessive water can compromise flooring, walls and ceilings. You’ll have to keep an eye out for mold growth as well.

Other Concerns

Sometimes it is the flames you have to worry about but the smoke damage that can result. Smoke will leave a nasty layer of black soot in the area, which could ruin materials. It also leaves behind a strong odor that can linger for years if you don’t use effective remedies to get rid of it.
Fire damage and water issues may not sound like common culprits in the same incident, but they can work hand in hand to wreak havoc in your building. Be prepared to call a disaster cleanup team immediately so you can resume your day-to-day work as soon as possible.

Common Water Woes in Commercial Buildings

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

A backed up sewer can manifest by a flooded toilet

Don't Forget About the Role of Water on Your Property

Managing or owning a commercial building in Santa Clara, UT, can come with a lot of responsibility. To keep your business running smoothly, don't forget about the role of water on your property. Things like leaking pipes can cause water damage, which can become a big concern if left untreated.

Sewer Issues

Your sewer is one of the most important and interconnected systems in your building. It gets used daily, but is often not appreciated. Sewer water can be contaminated, so do not attempt to address any damage you find on your own. Professionals use specialized tools and personal protective equipment when handling sewers. A damaged or backed-up sewer can manifest itself on your property in a few different ways:

  • Flooded toilets
  • Bathtubs or sinks that won't drain
  • Soggy or smelly patch of lawn

Faulty Piping

If you consistently discover pooling water in the bathroom or kitchen areas of your building, you may have leaking pipes. In a multi-storied building, this issue may also present as water dripping from the ceiling. To prevent further damage, you should turn off your water. The solution could be as simple as tightening some bolts, or could extend to replacing your plumbing. Certified water restoration services can assess the damage and give you an estimate.

Extreme Weather

Weather events like flooding and heavy rain can cause water damage or toilet backup on your property, especially if it has a basement. Below freezing temperatures and ice storms may also indirectly contribute to water damage by causing a pipe break. If your property is coastal, hurricanes and humid air can also be an issue. If your area experiences anything like this be sure to thoroughly inspect your building afterwards, to catch any damage early.

There can be many sources of water damage, so be sure to remain vigilant. Knowing the usual suspects may help you stay on top of any issues- leaking pipes, weather events and clogged sewers. Knowledge is power!

How To Clean and Remove Bathroom Mold and Mildew From Commercial Facilities

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Our technicians wearing protective full- body suit

Basic Procedures to Clean Up Mold

Mildew in commercial buildings is a common occurrence due to the increased usage of the facilities. However, persistent problems may lead to the development of bathroom mold. While it is simple to keep mildew clean with over-the-counter cleansers, mold requires stronger chemicals and more precautions. Therefore, if you are attempting to clean up mold, you should follow some basic procedures.

1. Safety Preparations

When dealing with mold, there are specific safety measures you should take, regardless of the size of the infestation. At a minimum, you should be wearing a respirator, protective eyewear and gloves. If the problem is extensive, you should consider wearing a protective full-body suit.

2. Deal With Existing Damage

To get mildew clean, you typically have to use an over-the-counter cleaner and wipe it away. Mold will not go away so easily. To eliminate mold growth, you will likely have to deal with the existing damage. For example, if a leaky pipe is the cause of the infestation, you will need to fix the leak to prevent further mold development.

3. Limit Ventilation

Additionally, to reduce the spread of mold spores and infestation, you should limit ventilation. To do this, you should seal off contaminated areas by closing doors and putting up plastic. Cover vents and door frames as well. Open exterior windows and install a fan to pull any mold spores outward, away from the facility.

4. Clean and Disinfect

Once the area is safe and all contributing factors remedied, you can clean and disinfect the bathroom. A mold remediation specialist in the Central, UT, area is likely better suited and prepared for this process because of his or her training. A specialist can manage the whole process, allowing you to stay safe and clear of the contaminated restroom.

While most property managers are familiar with the process to get mildew clean, mold is a different organism. Mold requires more work and precautions before removal, and remediation is likely better left to the experts.

How To Deal With Business Interruption After a Fire

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Restoration after fire loss in Mesquite, UT

Fires can leave destruction in their wake and often devastate businesses of all sizes and shapes. Whether your Mesquite, UT, business operates as a corporation with many investors or it is a mom-and-pop shop in a quiet corner, the business interruption that takes place in the days following a business fire can lead to heavy financial losses.

Remediation Professionals Care for Your Property

The key to surviving often begins with how you handle the situation. Even if your structures remain unharmed, you may have to contend with smoke or water damage. As quickly as possible, contact fire cleaning and repair professionals. They can offer a variety of crucial services.

  • Roof tarping
  • Restoration for carpets, woodwork, and electronics
  • Decontamination for HVAC and ductwork systems
  • Cleaning and repair of fixtures, furniture, and documents
  • Building reconstruction
  • Safety inspections and education

For the best results, get in touch with these professionals right away to prevent further damage or losses.

Continue To Focus on Day-to-Day Operations

While fire and smoke remediation technicians are taking care of your property, you can focus on the operation of your company. You may have the choice of operating out of a temporary location, or you may have to put things on hold until you can move back into your building. Either way, you're likely to see less revenue during this time. Business interruption coverage can help alleviate your concerns.

Insurance Coverage Keeps Things Moving Forward

This type of insurance coverage often provides a way for you to continue paying rent and making payroll. It may also give you the financial means to move to a temporary location. In many cases, the policies cover your costs throughout the entire restoration period. Discuss these details with your insurance representative.

Fires and other emergencies tend to strike when you least expect them. Whether your Mesquite, UT, business is large or small, whether you own the building or not, it's best to have business interruption insurance in place. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with adequate insurance coverage.

Why Water Is Disastrous for Electronics

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial water loss in Hurricane, UT

Thriving businesses in Hurricane, UT, revolve around the use of electronics. You can imagine the panic that ensues when such valuable equipment is confronted with water. Most know that flooded electronics are difficult to revive, though you may wonder why.

What’s Inside Matters

There are many intricate pieces that make up the technology in a workplace; flooded electronics are not usually destroyed as a whole unit, but segment by segment. A variety of components can suffer irreparable damage when they become wet:

  • Transformers
  • Outlet and junction boxes or fittings
  • Cables specified for dry locations
  • Power equipment such as meters or override relays
  • Devices in place to protect against surges
  • Parts used for electrical distribution, such as switches, fuses, breakers or mylar wrapping
  • Equipment used for motor control, such as transistors and semiconductors
  • Any parts meant to work without interruption

These interior components are designed to make things go. When water permeates through protective barriers, it causes instant degradation to the working parts of a device, particularly pieces made of metallic conductor materials. Such elements need more than a chance to dry off; they need to be returned to their original condition, which is often impossible after electronic damage occurs.

Water Opens the Door to More Trouble

As if water doesn’t cause enough trouble on its own, it often ushers in debris, mold and rust to wreak additional havoc. While some electronics stand a chance after exposure to clean water, nearly all devices are vulnerable to contaminated water carrying dirt, oil or mixed particles. Once microscopic intruders break through the protective shells of office equipment, they settle and become impossible to remove, rendering devices unusable. In addition, the slightest amount of moisture can lead to the spread of fungus or oxidation leading to rust.

Rescuing flooded electronics from water is a sensitive endeavor, and far more complicated than drying dishes in the kitchen sink. Many devices—from cell phones, computers and printers to standard heating and cooling appliances—are essential to getting work done in a commercial environment. For that reason, it's always wise to contact a water damage repair company for assistance.

How many times should I clean my carpets?

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Carpet Cleaning in St. George Office Building

Carpet cleaning is very important to complete in residential and commercial businesses. It is common for a business or home owner to get their carpets cleaned twice a year. Here are a few reasons why SERVPRO of St. George suggests why your carpets need to be cleaned.

SERVPRO of St. George has high quality products that will get your carpets cleaned in a hurry and the customer satisfaction is our goal. A few reasons why a customer needs to get their carpets cleaned, is because it will benefit the cleanliness of their house or business. Another reason is your carpets will last longer and you will not need to replace them as often. Another important aspect is your air quality in your home or business will be much better, meaning that the air will be much cleaner.

Another reason for having your carpets cleaned will prevent any bacteria buildup. It is common for bacteria to build up in carpets for periods of time, which is why it is imperative for a customer to get their carpets cleaned. One of the last reasons is when a customer receives carpet cleaning, the prolonging effect will make the customers carpet warranty last much longer. SERVPRO of St. George has excellent experience with carpet cleaning and we would be more than happy to have you as a customer. SERVPRO of St. George will provide their customers with the most top notch service in which the customer will be more than satisfied with our work.

Feel free to contact SERVPRO of St. George at435-656-9061 for your carpet cleaning needs.

When can I call SERVPRO of St. George? Do I have to wait for "business hours?"

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of St. George Facility

We provide immediate service day or night!

SERVPRO of St. George, Utah provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in St. George, Mesquite, Washington, and surrounding areas. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment

We are always ready to work on commercial or residential properties. However, if you are a commercial property manager or facility manager, we can talk beforehand to go over our services. We can even set up contracts and "Not to Exceed" services with you before disaster strikes.

Prevent a Pipe Breaking From Making Your Business Broke

6/15/2018 (Permalink)

Bursting pipes need urgent attention. With the panic of the water pouring everywhere, it can be difficult to work out what to do at your business in St. George, UT. Being informed of the proper procedure before any damaged pipe creates a chaotic moment will help contain the situation.

Halt the Running Water.

Any property with running water comes equipped with a stop tap on the water main. The building’s water main can be turned off with the turning of a lever or valve. You and your employees should be made familiar with the procedure for removing remaining water from the pipes:

1. Know where the stop tap is located and how to turn it off
2. After turning off the water main, turn every faucet on with cold water and flush every toilet.
3. After turning off the hot water heater, run every faucet with hot water to drain that out too.
4. Without any water in the system, the leaking should stop.

Figure Out Which Pipe is Busted.

Once everything is drained, all bursting pipes can be identified. The damage is major if it’s a main pipe that manages large quantities of water and connects to other pipes. If it’s a single pipe connected to one water using utility, repair can be attempted using any product designed to fix broken pipe.

If you patch it up with a product, it’s advised to occasionally evaluate the repair job because the pipe is still broken but patched up. Without professional repair or replacement, it is at risk of bursting again.

Reach Out to Professionals.

The remaining water from the broken pipe needs to be removed to prevent mold or damage to your property. The water can become contaminated if left alone for too long. Water damage St. George can be remedied with the help of an expert commercial cleanup company.

Bursting pipes do not have to mean bursting headaches or cutting bursting profits. You can save your own commercial property from excessive damage with an informed plan ready.

For more information, please visit us at

3 Steps To Reclaim Your Roof After the Fire

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

There are often many areas of a commercial building to inspect after a fire has taken place, in addition to the other steps of the remediation process. You may be too preoccupied with internal damage to think about sheltering the shelter itself. Protect your St. George, UT, building's roof by keeping the following pointers in mind during your fire cleanup.

1. Repair Deliberate Damage

Even if the fire didn't cause drastic damage to your building, your roof may not be intact. To slow the fire's growth, firefighters and roof repair specialists may have needed to cut holes in the walls and roof of the building. Such techniques can allow firefighters to see through thick clouds of smoke and air out an area afterwards. Regardless of the extent of the fire's wrath, prepare for a possible remediation in these areas.

2. Deal With Instability

Even after you have received the permission of safety professionals to reenter your building, always use caution when returning to the property. When it comes to roof and floor damage, fire can pack a punch. A roof can quickly become unstable, presenting a safety hazard to anyone inside. Address any roof repair needs promptly.

2. Use Tarps To Protect the Building

Without proper shelter, your building could become exposed to the elements. Avoid doubling the work of your fire cleanup process by keeping rain and debris out. You can do this by covering the roof of your building with a tarp. By relying on professional tarp services, you can have the peace of mind that your building won't suffer further damage or property loss.

With all of the boxes to check during a fire cleanup, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important: the roof over your head. Don't miss this major step of the process. Arrange temporary shelter for your property and keep your building and everything in it protected.

For more information, please visit us at

3 Machines That Remove Flood Water From Your Commercial Building’s Garage

3/12/2018 (Permalink)

a hallway with water on the floor If you see standing water, give SERVPRO of St. George a call!

Flooding in St. George, UT, can affect almost every area of your commercial building. One of the most vulnerable areas is your structure’s garage, whether you use if for employee parking or to house your businesses’ vehicles. When a flood pushes several feet of water into your commercial garage, there are three types of equipment that a professional storm cleanup and restoration service may use to remove it.

1. Pump Truck

A storm cleanup company may bring in a pump truck to remove flood water from your garage because of the possible contaminants it can contain. Most water that spills over from rivers, streams and other local bodies of water to create flooding is known as black water, as it usually contains human and animal waste. A pump truck removes the water with large industrial hoses and deposits it into a large truck tank, where it can be delivered to a safe disposal area.

2. Sump Pumps

You may see your cleanup service use equipment called submersible sump pumps to remove flood water. An industrial sump pump like this can pull large amounts of standing water from an area into a tank or other container. Portable sump pumps can be useful in this situation for the mitigation of flood water, as they can be moved and placed where necessary to remove water from areas that are especially vulnerable.

3. Trash Pumps

A trash pump can be especially effective in cleaning up flood waters from your commercial garage because it is designed to pick up solids or thick, sludgy silt that may be mixed with the water. It can also handle the debris that may have come in during the flood, such as leaves and other plant material. Trash pumps may be more effective than sump pumps when the water contains a great deal of waste.

When flooding impacts your St. George, UT, commercial garage, it can be difficult to remove standing water on your own. However, professional cleanup and restoration services have a variety of equipment that can remove flood waters with a minimum of hassle.

For more information, please visit us at

Why Do Burned Buildings Have Tarps on the Roof?

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

You may have passed by a recently burned building in St. George, UT and wondered why the restoration company has placed a tarp over the roof. If the commercial fire occurred in a large business park, it can be unsightly, and you may wonder what purpose it might serve. As it turns out, tarping the premises has multiple purposes, but to get a proper grasp on its usefulness, it’s helpful to understand the fire restoration process as a whole. Here is a basic rundown of the fire restoration process as it relates to tarping the ceilings:

Damage Inspection

The fire cleanup process is laborious and often difficult, but much of that work is made easier by the first step. Fire restoration professionals should come equipped with technology that allows them to assess the severity of damage to the affected area and the contents within. Though it doesn’t take high-tech equipment to determine whether a ceiling has been burned out, this process still gives restoration professionals a solid foundation on which they can structure their restoration efforts.

Board and Tarp Services

Once the restoration professionals have a solid understanding of what can be restored and what must be replaced, they set to work on boarding up destroyed windows and tarping destroyed ceilings. This is an important part of the fire cleanup process. Since the contents caught in the fire are already in a vulnerable condition, it’s important to protect them from the elements. For example, a wooden chair that has been heavily damaged by smoke and soot might pass the point of no return if a torrential downpour of rain comes through the ceiling. Similarly, boarding up the windows also protects contents from the elements as well as looters.

Final Steps

Once the windows are boarded and roofs tarped, restorers have a secure environment to work in. They will set to work on finishing the fire cleanup process by restoring salvageable contents and conducting important remodeling procedures like drywall and roof repair.
Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

Your Sewer Damage Action Plan

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

Overflowing toilets may be a source of comedy in the movies, but if an overflow happens at your commercial location in St. George, Utah you’ll need to act fast to mitigate sewer damage. Fortunately, although overflowing toilets can be challenging, following these three simple steps can cut down on stress and help your business recover.

Step 1: Determine Water Type

It’s important to determine water type before proceeding because it dictates whether your location needs to be closed entirely or if quarantining the affected area is adequate. The types of water encountered in this scenario can be divided into three categories:

• Clean water - From an empty toilet bowl or damaged supply line
• Grey water - From an overflowing toilet with liquid contaminants and no solids
• Black water - Toilet water with solids, or originating within the toilet trap

While clean water damage can often be contained without evacuation, both grey and black water may require you to vacate all nonessential personnel to limit potential health risks and contend with the sewer damage as thoroughly as possible.

Step 2: Stop Water Supply

After determining if your property needs to be evacuated, your next step should be to locate the source of the flooding and turn off the water valve. Even if the flooding has stopped, it’s wise to control the supply in case another flooding event occurs before a sewage company can address it. If you are unable to manipulate the valve or locate it, contact your water supplier’s emergency response team to assist with this step.

Step 3: Prepare Cleaning Response

If the flooded toilet contains clean water, the affected area can sometimes be treated with a diluted bleach solution. However, if the water saturates the walls and floor, you’ll want to have the area evaluated by water damage restoration specialists to prevent mold growth.

Stay Calm and Carry On

Although dealing with a flooded toilet and sewer damage can be stressful, following this three-step action plan can help eliminate uncertainty and get your commercial location in St. George, UT back on track as soon as possible. Visit for more information on commercial water damage.

Make Sure the Site of the Fire is Secure

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Make Sure the Site of the Fire is Secure

Your business burning down is one of the worst things anyone has to go through. After establishing that everyone is safe and those who are injured have been attended to, the confusion sets in. The fire truck has left with its fire hose, and you don’t know what the next step is because you’re not a firefighter and don't know anything about the importance of having a good fire sprinkler system. Read on below for some basic tips on what to do after a fire.

People may steal from or vandalize the building even if there is extreme fire damage. The same goes for commercial fire damage. In fact, it can be worse for a commercial fire damage case than it is for your home. This is so because commercial buildings usually have expensive electronic equipment and furniture. If you are the owner of the building, you should secure the building to make sure no one can enter and cause further harm. Doing this will make the fire restoration process easy. You can also try to take any valuables that have survived the fire hose out of the building into a warehouse or any safe place close. Remember to note all of this down including any visible fire damage, soot damage, and details as to whether it might have been an electrical fire for fire restoration purposes. Sometimes a firefighter might give you some information regarding this. Don’t let the fire truck leave before you ask them a few questions for insurance purposes.

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Identify Red Flags After a Fire

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Identify Red Flags After a Fire

Fire scenes are dangerous if people are allowed back into the building by firefighters. Usually, a good fire sprinkler system will help with fire suppression and manage fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage to a minimal level. However, any food, beverage, and medicine should be discarded if they were exposed to soot damage or smoke damage.

Firefighters will use the resources in their fire trucks to ensure services such as gas, fuel, and electricity are disconnected during the firefighting efforts.

Once the firefighting team has disconnected services mentioned, it is the job of the owner, depending on the extent of the fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage, to get a licensed individual to reconnect them. Utilities should be disconnected immediately in the event of an electrical fire or utility room fire.

If an electrical fire or utility room fire occurred, then you should speak to an electrician and your insurance agent to start the next steps in the cleanup process.

You should be in direct contact with your insurance company. If you have any details about the fire such as the extent of fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage, and any information about a utility room fire, let your insurance claims manager know. You can also give them information on the fire sprinkler system and how well fire suppression was handled by the fire truck and fire hose. The sooner you contact your insurance company, the faster the fire restoration process will be.

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Insurance and Commercial Fire

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Insurance and Commercial Fire

It is always wise to have an inventory to provide to the insurance company. This stock should include everything that was affected as a result of smoke damage, fire damage and soot damage. Detail to the insurance provider what your suspicions of the fire are. That is, was it a case of an electrical fire, utility room fire, or accidental. You may also write a report on the level of fire suppression, and whether the firefighters used their fire hoses or other equipment to put out the fire. Commercial fire damage is more complicated than any other fire cases. As such, substantive details are required.

If you had a good fire sprinkler system, then the fire suppression will be successful, and you can get back to your regular life soon after the fire. The good thing about small fires is that a proper fire restoration process will ensure business as usual in no time if your insurance company cooperates. More intense fires usually take longer. Sometimes the building is written off altogether. However, you should not write it off before you call the commercial fire damage experts for an appraisal of what might be saved.

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Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire

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Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire

When a fire rips through your business, the smoke damage and fire damage can be overwhelming. You don't know where to begin with your fire cleanup. You're dealing with a smoke smell that won't go away, smoke damage, soot damage, and fire damage. Fire in the business can cause extensive damage. Fire damage restoration is not a job you should handle on your own. You need to call in a professional fire damage restoration company to deal with commercial fire damage. A first rate restoration company can assist you with fire damage restoration from start to finish.

Fire Damage Restoration from a Trusted Source

Once the fire is over and the fire department considers the property to be safe after fire in the business, you have decisions to make. You may think you can board up your property and begin the fire cleanup process, but this is a job for the professionals. When commercial fire damage strikes, you will be left with fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. The smoke smell will be so heavy you are afraid it will never go away. A fire damage restoration company can handle the fire cleanup and fire damage restoration job for you. They may begin by choosing to board up your windows for safety purposes after evaluating the extent of fire damage after you have experienced fire in the business. Your restoration company will be able to deal with every aspect of your fire cleanup job after there has been a fire in the business. The process begins by using various types of industrial chemicals to clean all of the surfaces that have been affected by fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. A restoration company can handle commercial fire damage. The size of the property doesn't matter. As the restoration company goes about the process, they can board up the property to protect it from intrusion, eliminate the smoke smell, and tackle every type of damage that has occurred. The use of the proper tools, technique, and cleaning products will effectively address soot damage, as well as every other type of damage that has taken place.

Get to the Bottom of the Problem So You Can Start Over

If it is possible to salvage your property after commercial fire damage, your restoration company will help you to put this terrible time behind you. They'll work behind the scenes, hidden from sight when they board up the property, eliminating the smoke smell and all signs of damage that have affected your property. As they thoroughly clean the premises, they will reveal the underlying surfaces. You'll find out what can be saved and what may need to be repaired. You may need to rebuild some portions of your property after a fire has burned its way through your property. Your restoration company will help you to get to the bottom of what you need to do next. When they are done, all signs of smoke, soot, and the fire will be gone. They can take care of repair and restoration work for you as well. When all is said and done, you won't know the fire happened. It will be a memory as you pick up the pieces of your life and start over again. The goal of your restoration professionals is to help you to deal with the challenges that affect you after a fire. Commercial fire damage isn't easy to repair, but a professional service will be with you every step of the way to help you cope during this difficult time. You will be able to get back to a normal life once your cleanup and restoration is over.
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Are You Ready?

Preparation is a key component for making it through any size disaster, whether it’s a small water leak, a large fire or an area flood. The best time for planning for such events is not when the event happens, but well before it happens. No one ever plans on a disaster, but you can plan for it. Now is the time to

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