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5 Reasons to Never Drive Through a Flood

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

Car rides in heavy rain on a flooded road These are only a few of the major reasons why driving through a flooded street is a bad idea

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Heavy rain and other types of severe weather can quickly cause flash floods. Traversing a flooded street can be tempting, especially if you're behind the wheel of a lifted, off-road vehicle. Unfortunately, this mindset puts a lot of motorists in danger. Read the following travel tips to find out why driving through a flood in La Verkin, UT, is a terrible idea.

1. It's Nearly Impossible to See Beneath the Flood Water.
Flood water is rarely ever clean, meaning it's impossible to see beneath the current. This means there's no way to gauge how deep the waters are, nor know what lies beneath the waves. It's possible that rapidly moving flood waters could have washed away the pavement, leaving nothing but a sinkhole waiting for you.

2. Cars (Usually) Can't Float.
If you can't see what lies beneath the water in a flooded street, then you definitely don't have any way of knowing how deep that water actually is. Overestimating your vehicle's ability to cross flood water can potentially land you at the bottom of a makeshift lake.

3. Sometimes Cars Float.
Newer cars have superior weather sealing properties, which can help keep the water out. Likewise, some cars with heavily-inflated tires can be prone to floating away as well. This is an easy way to lose control of your vehicle as you helplessly float downstream with the flood waters.

4. Flood Waters Can Cause Your Car to Rust.
Rust is incredibly sneaky, and many motorists don't notice it until it's too late. Seeping water from flooded roads can eat away at the bottom of your car from the inside out.

5. Soggy Carpets Can Invite Mold Growth.
Mold thrives in moist, warm environments. Flood water can become trapped in the upholstery of your vehicle, without you even realizing it. Couple that with the fact that cars generate a lot of heat while in use and you have a recipe for unwanted mold growth.
These are only a few of the major reasons why driving through a flooded street is a bad idea. Contact flood remediation experts for help if you do happen to fall victim to severe flooding.

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